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Women Make Science

Award winning ob doc series about women doing groundbreaking work in science and technology. 3 x 25min for Al Jazeera
Gatwick drone attack - Crop 2

BBC Panorama - The Gatwick Drone Attack

Investigation into the 3 days of disruption at Gatwick Airport in 2018 for BBC Panorama. What really happened? Why no-one has been caught? Was there a drone at all? What needs to be done to protect our skies?
Srecko-Horvat-in-Calais-Jungle-Camp,-France 1300x514

Europe's Forbidden Colony

Philosopher Srecko Horvat looks at Europe's identity crisis and asks if the continent is colonising itself in this 2 x 50 min current affairs/history series for Al Jazeera

Prejudice and Pride - Website2 - X crop

Radicalised Youth

This documentary series presents a hard-hitting generational portrait of the radical youth of our time, their conflicts and motivations. 3 x 25 min for Al Jazeera
Eros-house-at-council CROP2

Film Fund - Channel 4

4 extended reports for Channel 4 News' Film Fund.
Boima listens top Pidea during the Husband School (Sam Liebmann_Aljazeera) CROP


2 x 25 mins films for Al Jazeera's Oscar nominated ob doc strand.
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Whose Truth is It Anyway

Series looking at how journalists around the world are combatting fake news and misinformation. 1 x 25 min doc for Al Jazeera
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Rebel Geeks

This seven-part series profiles the Rebel Geeks offering a different vision of our technological future. 7 x 25 min for Al Jazeera.

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Rebel Architecture

A six-part documentary series profiling architects who are using design as a form of activism and resistance to tackle the world's urban, environmental and social crises. 6 x 25 min for Al Jazeera
Ugandas Health Pyramid still 1300x514

Uganda's Health Pyramid

Investigation into allegations involving a Chinese billionaire and a controversial alternative health scheme in Africa. 1 x 25 min for Al Jazeera
Mario Macilau - Mario inspects his work at Kenya dumpsite 1300x514

The New African Photography

The new generation of African photographers taking control of how their continent is portrayed. 6 x 25 min for Al Jazeera
Alkhadra Five 1300x514

Poets of Protest

Poets of Protest delves into the soul of the Middle East with intimate profiles of six contemporary poets, as they struggle to lead, to interpret and to inspire. 6 x 25 min for Al Jazeera.